1981: Boonoonoonoos - medley (with Boney M.)

1982: Polizei / A Fool In Love

1984: Happy Song (Boney M. feat.Bobby Farrell)

1985: Young Free And Single (Boney M. feat. Bobby Farrell)

1985: King Of Dancing / I See You

1987: Hoppa Hoppa / Hoppa Hoppa (Instrumental)

1989: Everybody Wants To Dance Like Josephine Baker (ex-Boney M.)

1991: Tribute To Josephine Baker

2004: Aruban Style (Mixes) S-Cream Featuring Bobby Farrell

2006: The Bump EP

2010: Bamboo Song



Bobby Farrell's Boney M. / Boney M. Featuring Bobby Farrell / Bobby Farrell Featuring Sandy Chambers

1983: Crazy Bobby (soundtrack for Bobby Farrell's TV Special, unreleased on LP)

2000: The Best Of Boney M. (DVMore)

2001: Boney M. - I Successi (DVMore)

2001: The Best Of Boney M. (II) (compilation)

2001: The Best Of Boney M. (III) (compilation)

2005: Boney M. - Remix 2005 (featuring Sandy Chambers) (compilation) (Crisler)

2007: Boney M. - Disco Collection (compilation)

*Please note: all of these releases contain re-recordings of Boney M.'s hits - not the original versions

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